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the fact we are a community supporting arts. we have introduced, as the first city in the united states, neighborhood cultural centers, as a reflection of not only dealing with art, but making sure that art is focused in the neighborhoods. we really want our community to have the opportunity to participate, to deal with, and actually to become involved with art development. recently the city has found its way to make sure that at least 2% of every new construction in city buildings is preserved for art. and this is kind of an extraordinary thing for a city of our size to do. as a result, we have a wide array of lots of cultural and artistic venues for people to take advantage of. >> i wanted to let sfgtv, we have a powerpoint. >> yes, we do. but i'm not quite ready to use it yet but i will hit that button in just a moment. thank you for reminding me. the reputation and promise of the arts commission has been tarnished recently. and i think by looking at our report and reading it, you get a clear indication of how what was to be an extraordinary part of our art community has found itself
, our city's leadership feels the same way. we are today opening the world's first network of shared electric scooters that you can activate with your smart phone and your phone, it's not just a key to the scooters, it's really a key to the city, it brings everything in the city closer to you, it opens up new neighborhoods that you may not have gone to before and it makes the places you get to every day more fun to get to. for those of us who ride, life before scoot is sort of like life before mobile phones, once you have a short-cut to anywhere in the city in your pocket, you don't really want to go back, so we give you scoot, the world's first network of shared electric scooters and the perfect mode of transportation for the city that leads the world in what's coming next. thank you. [applause]. >> alright. >> and on behalf of the society, its board of directors, and want to welcome you to the celebration of the 2012 black history month kickoff program here at city hall. on behalf of our sponsors, comcast, represented by linda today, i believe, and mr. chang, from comcast, on behal
about being a transit first city, but everyone has had the experience of sitting in gridlock, waiting for the bus, trying to hail that tab, walking on pedestrian sidewalks that are not particularly safe. as a city, we need to do more to invest in the first-class transportation system. >> what are some of the biggest issues facing your district? >> in addition to the local economy that impacts the merchant corridors, to many vacant storefronts, transit issues, in every neighborhood we're having a real conversation about how we change, whether we should preserve aspects of the important characters of our neighborhood or think about building new things. there is also a real discussion we're having in many neighborhoods about affordability. i hear from too many tenants in the process of being evicted, homeowners being foreclosed on. we need to think about how all of us can continue to live in a city where the whole world wants to be. >> it is a great place to be. >> it is a great place to be. how do you balance the needs of your district versus the needs of the city as a whole? >> i have
administration that are particularly important to scoot, the first is that mayor lee is working hard to make this city an even better place to start and grow a new business, and second, he's been a toothless support of electric vehicles to improve san francisco's environment and the global environment as a whole so please welcome mayor ed lee. >> michael, matt, congratulations to scoot, yes. scoot and san francisco, well, let me first of all put this in some little perspective that i know, i know that we just announced last week, eb week in san francisco to the delight of so many people who want to just have modes of transportation, multiple modes of transportation in a city that are also environmentally friendly and to contribute that reducing our fossil fuels, we are in san francisco world citizens after all and i know it's exciting for ed risken, our mta manager, he and i were excited to talk about different modes of transportation as we create all these exciting events to come to san francisco. i know it's exciting for board president david chiu, we tried to put pods for car sharing in n
. they were born in 1967, as i mentioned before, the first in the nation for a city to develop such things. we have four physical buildings, as part of the cultural centers, one in the western addition, one in the bayview, one in mission, and one in south of market. and we have two virtual centers that are located in the south of market building. the charter says that the arts commission is to promote neighborhood arts programs, keep them open, make them continually accessible, and have ties with those programs, with the community. and annually the board of supervisors allocates funds to maintain, operate, and provide security for these cultural centers. and there is an obligation to repair and to maintain them. we were somewhat pleased that in recent days the capital planning committee have submitted a budget which deals with this in some way. and we just hope that those kinds of funds for capital improvements to buildings that are in great need to be rehabilitated will continue, as such as possible. we recommend that the arts commission find its way to engage local communities that are being
on the road in music city. taking on the titans. first quarter, purposing from 22. it's not good. titans eventually recovered near the goal line. it led to a tennessee touchdown. four seconds left. score tied at 23. good from 40 yards out. the party is on in nashville. titans win the section of the season. steelers drop to 2-3 losing their third consecutive. >>> coming up at the top of the hour, joe biden and paul ryan get together for their one and only debate serving as proxies for the president and mitt romney. how did ryan do? we'll knock that around with our "morning joe" crew. when we come back here, we huddle around the water cooler to watch a near brawl in a debate in california. head locks and fingers in faces when way too early comes back. a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna read one of these. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 duster's extender gets into hard-to-reach places without the hassle. so you can get unbelievable dust pickup in less time without missing a thing. i love that book. can yo
for the first time, a song that would become a worldwide and the mind forever with our city. i'm talking about, of course, "i left my heart in san francisco." and what better way to celebrate valentine's day then with a tribute to the most famous love song ever dedicated to our home town by our city's most beloved troubadour, mr. tony bennett? [applause] and now, everyone, please join the san francisco symphony and our chief of protocol, charlotte schulz, here on stage in welcoming our host, mayor edwin m. lee and first lady anita lee, and the man of the our, our special guest, mr. tony bennett. [applause] -- the man of the our -- the man of the hour, our special guest, mr. tony bennett. [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] that is the way you make an entrance, right? [applause] well, mayor lee, mrs. lee, and honored guests, for 50 years, the sounds of tony bennett and his rendition of "i left my heart in san francisco" has said to the world that this city by the bay is the capital of love, beauty, and a unique style that made it one of the plan its tourist destinations. mr. bennett, yo
] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] >> welcome back fo "first look." stories making news, moments ago, the nobel peace prize has been awarded. it will not go to an individual person or persons. instead, the european union for six decades of contributions to the advancement of peace and democracy of human rights in europe. >>> leon panetta says the u.s. is becoming -- transportation system and financial networks. last night, he painted a dire picture. >> the collective result of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber pearl harbor. an attack that would cause physical destruction and the loss of life. >> the lebanese militant group hezbollah is claiming a drone that was shot into israel calling it an unprecedented achievement. >>> the obama administration is calling an international criminal group clearing the way to seize criminal profits from the gang. scientists say they discovered a planet twice the size of eartha is made largely of diamond. it is encircling a nearby star every 18 hours. here is your first look at a dish of scrambled politics. the
official anthems. thank you for performing first in san francisco. [applause] tony, you have helped us celebrate so many milestones in our city. you have helped us after earthquakes to come back and revive the spirit of our wonderful city. you have designed the wonderful art pieces to raise funds for those who need that service. you help us to reopen. after earthquakes, you have helped us climb -- not half way, you have helped us climb all the way to the stars with the -- a nation of our cable cars. you have just -- i in your career, you have generated more love and more nostalgic for our bay area -- more nostalgia for our bay area than all the songs and all the movies and all the television shows associated with us combine. for that reason -- it is really for that reason, tony, that it is my pleasure if you would please come up, to declare today, valentine's day, february 14, 2012, as tony bennett day in san francisco. [applause] and also, on behalf of all of us and with all of our love and with all of our hearts together, to present to you the key to the city of san francisco. [appla
this week, a group called suv muny sued the city over its plans to begin a station at union square. any work on historic union square requires voter approval first. >>> a different kind of church, a metal fragment found. >>> what to watch for in tonight's vice presidential debate. >>> the political fireworks are flying in one city council race. that's coming up. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. yes on thirty-eight. >>> the election's not far away, because the political mudslinging is in full swing. and not the presidential election this time. we're talking about a san jose city council race where two political powerhouses are pushing their candidate. business and labor. damion trujillo is live at city hall, where the race for district 8 seat is drawing complaints from both sides this time. >> reporter: it is. there is one complaint filed against chuck reid for helping rose herrera. and then there's a herrera supporter who filed a complaint against jimmy winn. the accusations are
and almost hits hoke. play the game. yankees orioles, series tied at two, season series tied at 11, first 1-12 wins, wins. they say they can't imagine what the city is going to be like when they return from detroit. one week ago tonight i was standing in texas doing live shots from down there in a game that the texas rangers didn't want to be playing in. they came up flat. here we go again, yankees, do they want to be here tonight? no, they should have closed it out tonight. the stadium is half empty now. we will see how it goes. it gave the opportunity for orioles fans to come up here. people after the game last night, some people went in stub hub right then and bought tickets. others were like this morning, should we do it. it's a be.5 hour drive. people bought the tickets and drove up here. they are here to support the orioles, we heard a loud o during the national anthem. here is what some of the fans had to say going in. >> i immediately weapon on stub hub and bought the tickets within ten minutes. i knew i was going to be here. >> we were going to come up yesterday but lost the night
is a frost and freeze advisory in effect tomorrow for the first time this season. spots away from the city and away from the water, we may draw near 30-32 degrees. sunny and cool conditions expected for tomorrow. it forecast for the rest of the weekend and the running-fast coming up. >> in other news tonight, baltimore city police say what started as a shooting investigation is now a homicide investigation. detectives say he was carrying groceries and walking into my home on north charles street when someone came up from behind and shot him multiple times just before 5:30 yesterday evening. we're still unclear if the incident was ran the more targeted. life in prison without parole is the sentence for the two men accused of killing a teenager last holiday season. they were found guilty last month of plotting to kill them and they are allegedly members of the black guerrilla family gang and it's believed the two orchestrated a hit and the accused triggerman has yet to go to trial. >> the investigation continues into a deadly fire rep bring -- ripping through a home. >> could the tragedy hav
comments about medical this is a sanctuary city. and where is the mayor? speaker. >> first of all, thank you for giving mehsñ opportunity, supervisors, to present. and i would like tol[.9ç endorsd stand with our sheriff, "occupyl movement, occupy south no one coming forward because the police is against us, andzzje our freedom of cho, and speech that undery[-áot atty our federal government and our country is out of control. we need to start at a local level and start supporting our good police department, so they can protect us, our constitutional rights are so important. and this is happening all over the country. our governors, our judges, our prosecutors, our mayors, are all in bed together. they're not protecting our rights. they go to the same resorts and clubs. our system is archaic. this is happening in every part of the country, such as the city that imfrom, south san francisco, and -- mayor, mr. vando with the police department and officer sad aki removed me out of our property illegally destroyed a small community building garden, organic shop, and a florist. we are not goi
. >>> happening now the space shuttle endeavour is on its final journey not airborne, but down city streets in los angeles. these are live pictures. more on this complicated journey. >>> first, this morning's tech bites. >>> samsung unveils smaller version of galaxy smartphone features four inch display, five mega pixel camera. runs on jelly bean. microsoft executive says the company plans to have 100,000 apps available by next february, 400 million people are expected to be using windows 8 by next summer. new leader in the pc market, china's company out sold hp in the third quarter. tough time as consumers are opting for tablets and smartphones. typical twitter user woman in her late 20s who shares details of her life with family and friends. 208 followers. background color the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health. for shining results, finish dishwasher cleaner. on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high
will be offered to the list on a seniority basis, and one for purchase. this has broken the promise. when i first came to san francisco i was 22 years old. i left my hometown on the east coast looking for a more progressive city, more in line with my own politics. i cannot help but view this decision is essentially corporate welfare, and the handout to the companies which had really done nothing but impede [indiscernible] -- anti-progressive agenda, and middle road politics, takes thousands of dollars of potential revenue away from working families in san francisco. thank you. >> mark kruger followed by herbert -- >> mark gruber [sounds like] in case you have not seen it you should read this article in th san francisco guardian. direct predecessors began in england in
compared to other california cities but california does poorly to other states. the first finding we're asked to comment on is that we develop more than any other municipality in the u. s. do you know where we stand in there hasn't been a comprehensive analysis from what you've seen. >> yes. i want to clarify. we were asked to either agree, disagree partially, or disagree wholly by the instructions. in terms of the cup half full or empty when we disagree partially you can interpret that as a green partially. in terms of finding one, we just do not have the teat before us. there had not been a comprehensive data set. we would wanted to have a methodology to know what numbers we are looking at. san francisco is in terms of per capita funding arts is one of the highest in the country which is a great honor for our city. so with that i want to speak on a high level of of what the role of the report will be in terms of organizational change and improvement at the arts commission and then i'll at a high level go through some talking points in each of the five areas that we heard about i
in the samoan community. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. first of all, i would like to thank the mayor and other city officials for all his encouragement, but i want to thank you all because you see it everyday. you're dealing with it every day. as the chief said earlier, we need them guns off the street. the people have the guns are bold. the incident that happened in alice griffith park, after they shot this man, they came back wanting to leave their mark the day before the funeral. that is bold. knowing that the police is a round, that is bold. we need to come together. let's make an effort to make sure that this is a safe city, a place we would all like to live in, and a place we want to see our kids continue to play. sometimes the kids cannot even go outside and play. i am assured the chief has got that on his mind and is going to make sure that will change. i am sure mr. alvarez has that on his mind. you heard the mayor -- it is going to change. let's get together, forget about yourself. it ain't about us. it is about them. you all ain't packing -- i hope not. you all are not committing cr
to tomorrow's start of the american league championship cities -- series. that next series starts tomorrow night on the road in detroit against the tigers. the yankees have their first hit of the ball game now as texeira gets on base in the bottom of the fifth. on sunday, the ravens welcome america's team to town. do not look for a gracious welcome for the dallas cowboys. the ravens prepare for the only franchise worth more than the yankees. flacco has been outstanding in his first three home games freezing his toughest challenge yet. the cowboys on sunday will bring the top passing defense to the stadium. after an extra few days of rest, the cowboys are coming off of day bye this week. ravens know they have to play better this week than they did last week on the road. >> most teams are up and down in the nfl because everyone is so good. every week presents a new challenge. the margin of success and failure is just that much. it is a play here and they play there. that's just kind of the way it is for everyone. that's what makes the nfl so good. >> lot of people may not have noticed that i
are frustrated with the pace of reform under his leadership since he took office in june as the first elected successor to hosni mubarak. >>> the space shuttle "endeavour" begins its two-day 12-mile journey from lax to the california science museum. city officials had to cut down 10,000 trees along the route in order to make room for "endeavour's" 78 foot wing span. >>> and happy birthday to actor hugh jackman. he turns 44 today. >>> all day long you can stay on top of the very latest developments in those stories and others as they break on msnbc. and tonight be sure to watch brian williams with "nbc nightly news." >>> and, finally, here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. donald trump reveals the cast of this season's "celebrity apprentice" and gives his take on last night's debates. >>> and a live look at dazzling diamonds on the set this morning, including an extremely rare 76 carat stone. >>> and now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports, and more. i'm lynn berry. thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the
a -- bypasses a voter approved ordinance that is taller than 40 feet that casts she doe on city parks and playgroundses -- that casts shad deon city parks and playgrounds. >>> a motion was filed in court yesterday one day before the first batch of names were to be released. alexis wright and her business partner are involved. and police found several boxes of video showing sexual encounter. >>> a jury found vice mayor joe medrano guilty of embezzlement. he stole $159,000 from their company and was po trayed as a broker. he face as maximum in four years in prison. he will be sentenced next week. >>> the franchise tax board has released its list of the californians who owe the most in unpaid state taxes. some are well-known celebrities. but a san rafael technology entrepreneur tops the list. the founder of sea-net owes $10.7 million according to the franchise tax board. dionne warwick owes $2.6 million and has been delinquent since 2003. and steven segal owes nearly $350,000. he's been on the list since april. >>> well, the mars over "curiosity" performed some unexpected results during
. tomorrow pretty much the same deal first thing in the morning. the weekend more sunshine. overnight lows will be in the low to mid-50s. san jose 54, san francisco 52, redwood city around 53 degrees. cloud cover tonight the main shower band is heading to the south toward southern california. another weak system moves in for friday night. at least for tomorrow morning we're going to hold on to a few sprinkles, more cloud cover, partly cloudy in the afternoon hours. some sprinkles, chance first thing friday morning. decreasing clouds for friday afternoon that will set the stage for a nice afternoon. temperatures still on the cool side. 60s, warmingest locations around 70 degrees out toward antioch and brentwood, san jose 68, san francisco forecast high around 62 degrees. here is a look ahead. temperatures warming up, especially by sunday, monday, and tuesday. warmest locations inland on track to reach the low to mid- 80s. looking pretty good in the long range. tomorrow a cool day especially for the morning hours. >> it's been a cool, rainy, feels like fall is in the air. >> we do warm back
as to the historic nature of thisÑ(xÑ proceeding. for the projector. >> this is the first time that commission has ever made a recommendation to the board of supervisors regarding charter section it's the third time in the history of this city the board has ever been asked to decide o a mayor's suspension of an elected official. official misconduct. egan and -- two ross mirkarimi did not commit a time. like all of the cases ross misconduct while in office. theh committed official misconduct in what makes this unique is the mayoru;p has decided to suspend on nothing more than a office. not -- it's not simply a question of whether to uphold or even a decision of the mayor. ultimately you must decide the will of the voters. because you are confronted with the possibility of removing an official the highest levels of due process should apply. the mayor has argued the lowest level should apply. he's argued for the broadest definition, the lowest standard of proof. he's submitted evidence that the in the words was designed to poison -- but even with the preponderance of echedz, with the majority vote o
drivers in one city. the children they have now and the city council members getting involved because of mistaken and fake bike lanes. they're popping up over the streets. >>> mounts bills on the first
1953, therexñxnx have nevr been a specific policy in the city of san francisco forhc dealing with an off-duty city official involved in domestic violence. the most common discipline that can be imposed for a first time offender for a -- allegation of domestic violence is counseling, by he is currently undergoing. and some -- you consider this incident high caliber but the court sees it different. what the court handed down is a standard procedure. turn to each other, not on each other. when you dissolve you drift. i believe a recommendation should be that sheriff ross mirkarimi incident should be parallel with the disposition of the dui case involving a city official, a shoplifting case involving an assembly woman at nieman marx, a battery case involving three public servants in the case. also to recuse yourself because of conflict of interest. since sheriff ross mirkarimi was voted in by san francisco voters. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. patrick connors. there are so many things that i would love to point out, i'll never get it in in two minutes. one th
the outbreak. no one else has died from the fungal meningitis that caused it and the first person went home from the hospital since all this started. >>> earlier this year washington paused to watch the space shuttle discovery make its final flight over the city. today los angeles is coming out to watch space shuttle endeavour crawl to its final home. the retired shuttle is going 2 miles an hour on a two-day journey to the california science center where it will go on display. many trees had to be cut down to accommodate the shuttle's width. >>> after the break topper has your weekend forecast plus a look at just how cold it drops tonight. 9news continues on a friday night. >>> we are just over an hour away from the nats' elimination game against the defending world champion cardinals. let's head back to nats park with dave owens. we don't want to think about elimination, day. >> reporter: nope, we're not thinking about elimination. one last check of the game right before we get things started joined by paul white, usa today, national baseball reporter. paul, i always like to catch up with
. it will be an early first pitch set for after 5:00. you may want to get out of work early. this is what we have been waiting 15 years for and the city is excited. and send your pictures to us. we have a slide show. we don't want to you forget about the other birds. they are leading now in the north with a 4-1 record. >>> her life was cut short by violence as it affects so many teens. tonight family and friends of the 16-year-old will hold a vigil. she has shot on sunday night. her friends say it will give everyone a chance to mourn the loss. police are looking for the girl's killer. they have little evidence right now but know she had multiple run ins with the law. >>> and law enforcement want to do everything they can to keep you safe by preventing accidental shootings. police are now calling on gun owners to secure the weapons. and the police chief and the county executive will announce a new gun law. the program is in response to the gun related incidents the two area schools. >>> and a student at perry hall and a victim of a shooting there. as he is recovering, the community wants to help out in
. >>> chief meteorologist doug kammerer has lots of nat-itude. he's in the park for the first pitch forecast. >> really, cannot wait for tonight. just amazing what's going on here in the city, of course. as far as the weather's concerned, there's a big issue as far as the temperatures are concerned. probably not as much for the players as for the fans. last night, the temperatures a little on the cool side. but tonight, being a night game, no sunshine, winds gusting between 20 and 25 miles an hour, the temperatures are going to start to fall here pretty quick. let's show you what we're dealing with out there. 62 degrees at the airport with the winds out of of the northwest at 18 miles per hour, but gusting to 25 in some locations. that is ushering in some cooler air. look to the north and west, only in 950s. 55 in hagerstown, 52 right now in winchester, down to the south and east a little bit warmer, 68 right now down to pax river. we're going to see the cooler air make its way in throughout the night. but starting our game time, as far as the weather's concerned, i think we'll see clear ski
to retirement and here's bill whitaker. >> reporter: just before midnight los angeles got the first glimpse of something never seen before: a 78-ton spaceship, five stories tall, 78-foot swing span moving majestically through dense city streets. it was a dramatic entrance fit for hollywood. >> gave me goose bumps. >> reporter: project manager ken carrion is responsible for getting "endeavour" through the streets of l.a. >> i had no idea how the community would be coming together. it's just so special. >> reporter: it has been a remarkable journey for the "endeavour", from outer space to inner city. this might not be its riskiest mission, but possibly its most complicated. its 12-mile trek at two miles an hour goes over freeways, down boulevards, through neighborhoods, almost 400 trees were cut down to make way. 2,700 metal plates laid down to strengthen roadways. power lines were lifted, stoplights removed. so it's like an obstacle course. >> it is an obstacle course, yeah. >> reporter: mike lofts is one of six operators using this joy stick to maneuver the six computerized transporters car
front will drop the temperatures. it may be our first frost. let us hopefully the major roads will continue to cooperate. right now they are looking good. one accident in the city if your traveling along pulaski st. maybe some lanes closed. 60 miles per hour in the outer loop from 795 baltimore national pie. so far and nice start of the fort mchenry told plaza. further south on 295, at speeds 62 miles per hour. from 195 toward 32. a live view of traffic. southbound traffic moving, but a smooth ride. and 95 at 152, coming down from hartford county, a nice start. no problems from the cecil county area toward howard county. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning, a big win in the bronx, the orioles fight to play another day. >> the orioles and yankees will take the field one last time in game 5 of the alds. we have a look at how it looked from inside yankee territory. >> with a dramatic and tension- filled evening as the orioles started off with a 1-0 lead and then the yankees tied it up. it took 13 innings, but the orioles finally pulled it out 2-
first degree weather update for janfr janice dean. >> hi there ladies. happy friday to you. this weekend we could have a severe weather outbreak. a lot of cities and places that are going to have college football games going on. a lot of football forecasters are going to have their handsful. we have great lakes back to the ohio valley you see a little snow but there is the main event across california across the rockies avoss the central plains. it expends from texas to new mexico all of the way up to oklahoma and kansas. the main event will be tomorrow. look at all of the cities involved. oklahoma city kansas city up through chicago the heartland where we could have large hail damaging winds and cotornadoes. this will be a spags we are following through out the day and tomorrow. a lot of local forecasters are going to be forecasting this potentially severe outbreak. >> janice dean thank you. >> 9 minutes after the hour. undoe sided voters are key in this election. what did they think of last night's performances. >> i thought he jumped the ygun. shouldn't have done it. >> i thought it w
. >> it's not just brick and mortar we're doing here. it's people first. the first thing we have to do is bring hope to the people who are living there. >> san francisco one of 46 cities competing for a portion of the grant money and one of nine finalists in hud's grant program. >> best buy is taking an aggressive approach to outsell its main competitor this holiday season. and there is another apple announcement. >> hi, john. >> there is one of the biggest tech ipos since facebook is off to a huge start. workday surged as it made a debut on the new york stock exchange. shares in the company up nearly 74% to close at $78.59 and there is bloomberg spoke to sfo about the decision to go public. >> it seemed lick a perfect time for us from a parkt perspective. we have momentum in our sales opportunities. it's a very large market. also, kpt has been in existence for a period of time. we want liquid ti for for customers. it's important for customers. our customers want to do business with the public offering. >> get ready for yet another apple product announcement, bloomberg learned apple ma
of hope to the city. everybody is excited, fired up. they want to follow the orioles and i think everybody is very excited about the orioles baseball for the first time since i have been a little kid. >> reporter: when your skipper calls you out that feels good. >> we are the best. we have faith of. i have been a fan since i was a kid. >> nobody thought we would play on a thursday night, 10, 11, 12. >> its been a long time. >> reporter: never give up, gamers, tough, guy you want to root for. perfect team for the city. >> it's a great team. buck did a great job with the team. >> i couldn't be happier to be here. seriously. no, i don't think i would. >> reporter: orioles fans in there, just -- >> it's tough. going into that we talked about some of the good stuff. let's talk act the rough patch for that and that's been the hitting. middle of the line. davis 0-4, jones 0-3, weeders 0- 3, it's hard to win like that. couple base hits and they will win if they can close it out. pretty impressive. we will keep you posted on what's going on. >> reporter: we will find out what happens. hopeful
on things in virginia. i-95. your first 4 chopper report, that's where we're heading right now. southbound nice and clear really from dale city to the beltway. and road work looks to be completely over. a live look as you make your way past the occoquan northbound, a little volume as you head towards the beltway. nothing you can't handle in your travel speed, excellent. about 61 miles per hour. 11 minutes to get from the occoquan to the beltway, and continuing on 395, no problems there. nice and clear as well. from duke, no issues as you head over the 14th street bridge really in both directions northbound and southbound, you're clear. i'm back in ten with a look at your rails. aaron, you remember that? excellent. over to you. >> party time, absolutely. thanks a lot, danella. >>> this morning a change of pace in decision 2012. vice president joe biden and gop challenger paul ryan put each other to the test during last night's debate. the two took jabs to each other as they spoke on several issues, including the economy, the crisis in syria, health care and abortion. both often interrupted
a call the other night that someone called me for the first time in five years saying the one the home-equity loan? liz: a smaller bank? >> it was a smaller bank. liz: i could get city to modify my mortgage but they told me -- big boys are all scared and hold their money close to their vests. we will be lending. >> this is how they make money and their spreads are starting to widen and they are starting to make money again and -- they still make a spread on this but the big money-center banks usually make money on extending asset bases and they are not seeing that demand now. liz: tim does not look at a specific level. you look at a peak to trough move. where are we? >> nowhere near where we should be. this market has lagged. typically at this point the markets are 120%. we are 100% from that. liz: what you mean not where we should be? >> when you go through a whole cycle market's rise 188%. we had a deep low last time. earnings have risen but the market has not kept pace. that is my point. liz: i am not hearing you say be all in. >> i would not be all in. i am nervous particularly bon
this journey. some 400 trees were also cut to make room for the shuttle to roll through those narrow city streets. >>> it was two different endings for both bay area baseball teams in winner take all playoff games. >> here's a ground ball right side omar to first. >> the oakland a's could not recreate the magic of game three and four. they lost to the tigers 6-0 last night. tigers now move on to the american league championship series. after the game the sellout crowd at the coliseum showed the a's their appreciation for a very exciting season. >> you just can't be too disappointed by pit temperature it was so unexpected. it was so magical. >> much of the 2012a's teams should be back next season. they only have a few players entering free agency. >> posey deep left field. that is way back. and a grand slam for buster posey. >> everybody talking about that yesterday afternoon. buster posey's grand slam gave the giants a big lead over the cincinnati reds in game five of the series yesterday. the reds would make it a game but good defensive plays in the giants bull pen put a stop to that. th
a chance tomorrow to take that next step. i know my teammates will be ready and the city will, too. >> game five is tonight. nats, gonzalez led them in wins. we need one more this evening. a rematch against adam wainwright. first pitch, 8:37. the winner moves on to meet san francisco in the championship series. >> baltimore's hopes of a world series are alive. the orioles overcame a heart breaking loss on wednesday to earn their own extra innings. j.j. harding knocked in a winning run in the 13th. the pitching staff held on to the lead for the 2-1 victory. game five for the 0s and yankees tonight. first pitch at yankee's stadium is 5:07. winner moves on to meet detroit in the series. we have good weather to play tonight. >> yes, we do. will it hold up for the games? >> storm team 4 meteorologist, veronica johnson. i heard you earlier on the morning show, you were singing out there. i didn't know your voice was so good. >> what was i singing? >> sunshine, sunshine. >> we certainly have that today. it was chilly this morning. i was out there, i'm not sure. maybe i was shivering, maybe that wa
. flames are shooting out of a popular restaurant in the city's west portal neighborhood and the muni tunnel is now being shut down. we have team coverage with elizabeth in traffic. >> in traffic. but first we are going right to cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran on the scene with the very latest. cate what can you tell us. >> reporter: i can tell you that the fire started in the squat and gobble popular restaurant here in san francisco. crews are busy battling flames. there's heavy smoke in the air. this restaurant is completely gutted. it is a complete loss for the building here. i can see already dozens of firefighters here on scene trying to tackle this fire. they have been at it for quite a while. crews say that they got the call right at around 4:00, 4:14 this morning and the fire quickly grew to three alarms. flames were shooting up as high as 10 to 20 feet. heavy smoke in the area and now they have set up a perimeter here along west portal. they have shut down as i was talking about that tunnel over here now. as far as the firefighting efforts are concerned, we are about to get an u
!," democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we are on our 100-city tour, broadcasting from albuquerque, new mexico. vice-president joe biden and republicangress member and vice presidential nominee paul ryan squared off in the first and only vice presidential debate thursday night with a series of lively exchanges over domestic and foreign policy. joe biden was seen as playing a more aggressive role in a debate that saw sharp critiques on both sides. topics ranged from medicare and abortion to iran. the deadly attacks on the u.s. embassy in libya featured prominently in the debate with ryan criticizing the administration over what he said was a lack of embassy security. >> imposing these devastating defense cuts for it what that does when we equivocate we sho'e cutting our own defense, it makes us more weak. when we look weak, our adversaries are much more willing to test us, more brazen in their attacks and allies are less -- >> with all due respect, that is a bunch of malarkey. >> why is that so? what's not a single thing is correct. be specific. security in his budget by
in the pets. it is going to be a very cold night. really, our first real taste of cold air. as a matter of fact, take a look at these numbers, in the upper 20s in some locations. frederick, winchester area, martinsburg, in the city i think we'll stay above that 40-degree mark, or around 40. i don't think we'll see frost in the immediate inner city area, but we could see frost -- frost can form under 38 degrees. you can see 38 in la plata tonight and fredericksburg. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. many areas staying in the upper 50s to lower 60s, even with plenty of sunshine tomorrow, a rather cool day. here's the next couple of days. we rebound nicely on sunday. back to 75 degrees on your sunday with rather windy conditions. and then 74 on monday. and it does look like most of next week we'll stay very close to average. so we're going to get through this cold night tonight. i don't see another cold outbreak until, oh, maybe next weekend. we'll talk about that when we get there. >> all right. thank you, doug. >> have fun down there tonight, doug. >> oh, yeah. >>> today's trending stories.
cities. and these youth demanded jobs, demanded jobs with ocp, okay? our response was, first, to analyze the situation. why did these people need jobs at the same time as our growth path was very, very good? ocp's investing tremendously in terms of growth, we're creating jobs. our subcontractors are creating jobs in these areas, yet the youth from these areas are not the ones employed in these jobs worse. we import labor in morocco. in industrial and construction, and this is not unlike other countries. also in menna or at least in north africa, in the menna, indeed, we import labor. so, obviously, what you mentioned, caroline and mustafa, the mismatch between what the produced and what our needs are. well, we said, you know, we can knock on door and say let's, please, speed up the reform process of the education system. what we did is took, you know, questions in our own hands. we created the program called ocp skills where not our job, but we're currently training 15,000 from the regions. we opened up at least 95,000 youth registered for the program, and from the outset we told them th
of their commitments for political and economic reforms. with anti-american protesters in the streets across the city's the foreign minister travelled to washington for the first-ever strategic dialogue. he could have avoided the cameras but instead he strongly condemned the attack in benghazi, increased a broad partnership in the united states and pledged that his country would continue working towards democracy and the rule of law. algeria has much to gain by increasing the changes that are taking place around it. and we have seen some progress. the government held parliamentary elections and invited international observers to monitor them for the first time to read and moved quickly last month to protect diplomatic missions including the u.s. embassy and to diffuse tensions in the streets. but still, algeria has a lot of work to do to uphold universal rights and create space for civil society, a message i delivered at the highest level in a person in february. now what do these snapshots and stories from across the region tell us? on the one hand, last month's violence revealed strains of extremis
. they see president obama and new york city the same day benjamin netanyahu, instead of meeting with them, he goes on a daily talk show. >> leland vittert is live with reaction. >> megyn, this is the first time that such a topic has played a part in presidential elections in modern history. the presidents office would not comment on or off duty cut today. great annoyance was shown with the president of the united states and the president not allowing media to take place between benjamin netanyahu and the president. we saw the president having to defend his administration and keeping up with his friendship with israel. >> the president has met with a me maybe a dozen times. he has spoken to benjamin netanyahu as much as he had spoken to anybody. ink theel has no qualms over the administration is doing enough about iran's nuclear program. they think that the sanctions, which the president of the united states wants to give him more time, is not enough, and that is the point that prime minister netanyahu made when he famously threw the red line on that diagram of a bomb. privately, however,
in an economic strategy for spurring growth, raising demand and moving the economy forward. first, we are desperately short on public investment in this country. no one who has flown through kennedy airport can be proud of the gateway to the greatest city in the greatest nation on earth. few if any have the experience of flying out of kennedy airport to a foreign destination and encountering an airport that they regard less favorably than they regard kennedy airport. quoting the use of the 1916s and i suppose i was one, saying if not now, when? if not now, when the interest rate in the currency we print is 2.4% for 30 years. if not now, when the construction unemployment rate approaches 15%. if this is not the time to rebuild kennedy airport, when is? kennedy airport is no isolated example. a study in nevada found that it cost five times as much if you maintain roads too late, if you maintain them on time. we have roads across this country filled with hot coals -- hobbles --potholes for. every time i went to a city i would take a couple hours and go to the public school and talk about
for life. add hbo and cinemax and get the first three months free. [ male announcer ] at&t u-verse. it's tv like you've never seen before. ♪ >> several hot spots this morning will start off with the problem in san francisco with the closure on city streets and is also causing many delays. emergency crews are dealing with a for alarm fire along west portal avenue of the west portal tunnel shut down causing muni delays for those of you who travel through the area. >> off the cake the l and the in line all cancelled been providing a substitute service to take you to downtown san francisco. >> there's no word when the activity will be clear fire crews are still investigating so avoid west portal avenue if you are in san francisco today on city streets. because of the earlier of a turn accident of the deck of the bay bridge have a shot before 7:00 a.m. west a fremont street the accident is out of the with the approaches to the bay bridge toll plaza are jammed up. you also see slow traffic for your ride out of over in the west about 24 did it just a bit of a break there is more so traffic waiti
of wbin, martin. first, the republican candidate. he is a business attorney and was the republican nominee for governor back in 1996. ovide and his wife reside with their three children in this city of new hampshire. and democrat, maggie, the former new hampshire senate majority leader. she and her son -- she and her husband live in exeter with their two children. our first question comes from kevin. >> the new hampshire senate for public policy read these reports and the new hampshire has powered the state's economy for decades is slipping away. what can be done to solve the problem? >> thank you, kevin, and thank you aarp new hampshire for sponsoring this debate. we are seeing an erosion of new hampshire advantage, largely because of the failed policies of the last 10 years, most of them led by maggie hassan and her colleagues. we have lost our rage because we have taken our eye off the ball, which has made new hampshire -- what has made a after exceptional is low government regulation, taxation and spending kept in check. i will begin with zero based budgeting for the state budget, look
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